Our Product Categories

Table Top Hot Sauces

Looking for a quality hot sauce that is similar to what you’re using now? We offer a wide variety of flavor profiles that are very similar to your national brands….The hot sauce is going to have your brand on the bottle and save you money. A win for you and your customers!

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Top quality table condiments are the “Next Big Thing” in the restaurant industry. Check out our high quality disposable salt & pepper grinders available for private label. Offering large and small size grinders in both glass and PET plastic, to give you a variety that best fits your restaurants!

Specialty Hot Sauces

Do your customers love unique and exotic hot sauces? Check out the flavors of our specialty hot sauces, ranging from Mango Scotch Bonnet to your Trinidad Scorpion Pepper hot sauces…We cover all heat levels to satisfy your customers taste buds!

Seasoning Blends

Sourcing our ingredients from high quality suppliers from around the world, our custom seasoning blends are an excellent addition to your meals! Our blends give the meals that “Zest” your customers are always looking for.

Steak, Wing & BBQ Sauces

Not only do our hot sauces taste similar to national brands, our steak sauce and buffalo wing sauce also have a familiar taste you may know…Our sauces are well known to replace the national brands because of quality, similarities, branding and price!

Bottled Water

Offering custom bottled waters can be an excellent way to refresh guests at your business or event, and promote your message or brand at the same time.