Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (Jolokia Pepper)

5 oz. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (Jolokia Peppers) is known to be one of the hottest peppers in the world! This sauce offers a great amount of heat with excellent flavor to go along with the strong heat.
If you’re looking for quality hot sauce with a great heat level, this sauce is a “Must Have”


Size – Packing:
5 oz. – 12 per case

Health Benefits:
All Natural
Gluten Free

Minimum Order:
72 Bottles – 6 cases

Shelf Life:
2 years. 730 days

Label Dimensions:
3 x 6

Heat Level:
Our Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce gives off some incredible heat with excellent flavor! This sauce is a great product to brand and sell for retail or have for your customers at your restaurants!
10 out of 10

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Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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