#BPG150 – 1.5 oz. PET Bottle Black Peppercorn Grinder

Our 1.5 oz. gourmet black peppercorn are packed in our durable PET bottle with a strong grinder. An excellent way for your customers to enjoy freshly ground peppercorns and sea salt on their meals. This product is excellent if you’re wanting to have grinders at your tables but are worries about glass and breakage, these grinders fix that issue right away! This bottle is not large, a good item to place into a condiment holder and still look very classy with your customer salt & pepper grinders. Disposable Pepper Grinder


Size – Packing:
1.5 oz. – 72 per case

Health Benefits:
100% Black Peppercorns

Minimum Order:
72 Bottles – 1 cases

Shelf Life:
2 years. 730 days

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