About Private Label Restaurants

For over 20 years, private label restaurants has been producing the best, custom label table top condiments & we have been providing the highest standard products to both individuals, restaurants & food chains alike. Our custom label salt and pepper shaker come in large & small sizes. The same applies to our custom label disposable grinders, We have primarily designed these products to come in both glass & PET Plastic to make it more visually appealing on every table top.

With two generations of unmatched experience behind us, our forte has been to offer quality products and low minimums specifically customized for every customer, an experience you will never find in “national retailers”. Our custom label salt and pepper shaker and our custom label disposable grinders have been a favorite not only in the united states but continues to be a common table top condiment in many restaurants across 15 countries.

Every gourmet meal deserves that extra “zest” to make the meal perfect. Our excellent blends of custom label hot sauces give you that edge to make the meal complete. Our custom label hot sauces not only taste familiar to national brands, they are well known to replace some of them too! We take pride in the fact that many of our esteemed customers always seem to come back to us for a better replacement.

We source our ingredients from the very best suppliers around the world, which is my our custom label salt and pepper shaker have that distinct quality, this is our unspoken secret to our quality that we have maintained & will continue to to do for years to come. We take pride in the fact that our custom label salt and pepper shaker, our custom label disposable grinders & our custom label hot sauces have been a favorite in over 15 countries worldwide to many restaurants and food service companies.

Custom Label Salt and Pepper Shaker

Custom Salt & Pepper Grinders

The popularity of disposable salt & pepper grinders for table top condiments in restaurants are growing rapidly! Check out why our private label salt & pepper grinders are an excellent addition to your table top condiments.View Products

Custom Label Disposable Grinders

Grilling Sauces

Take Your Steak Game to the next level! Brand your own steak sauce that is known to replace national brands…BBQ & Buffalo Wing Sauces also availableView Products

Custom Label Hot Sauces

Specialty Hot Sauces

Brand your own table top hot sauces today and save money! Offering over 15 flavors of hot sauces, ranging from mild to extreme heat. Simple & Easy SetupView Products

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Private Label Restaurants

Private Label Restaurants is a gourmet food company that is based in Edgewater, FL. Owned and operated by Captain Foods, Inc. In our 22nd year of providing private label to many restaurants and food service companies across the United States and over 15 countries worldwide. Private Label Restaurants offers a wide variety of products such as table top condiments and food service blends.