Customize Your Table Top Condiments

Benefits Of Private Label Products

If you’re looking to offer the same quality of products, similar flavors than your national brands and a product that is much less than what you’re paying for on the national brands – We have what you’re looking for!

Management of Product

Private label products (table condiments, retail items, etc.) offers restaurants control over their product such as pricing, flavor profiles, package design, production and distribution. Restaurants can develop and implement innovative ideas to gain market share over national brands. This includes the ability to make vast changes to products based on customer demands. YOU MAKE THE RULES!


The customization of restaurant brand labels — such as logos and tag lines — can personalize a customer’s dining experience that can lead to higher customer loyalty. Once the consumer tries your private label product on the tables, they will want to purchase it for use at home.

The packaging and labels can be tailored to meet YOUR specifications, including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information


Unlike national brand labels, restaurants with their own labels can shape the diner’s experience. This means that the design of your table top condiments or retail items can be specific to what your consumers enjoy and are appealed to. Make your product stand out from the national brands!

Brand loyalty

By having a success career in the restaurant and hospitality industry, your brand(s) have built a great following because they’re loyal to your brand. With putting your brand logo on quality products, your loyal customers will purchase your branded products because it has your name on it…and because it’s a great tasting product!

Lower price = Higher margin. Because you are paying less for a private label vs. a national brand, your margins are higher. For restaurants, this means that you’re going to be purchasing product that is very similar to your national brands and you’re going to SAVE a great amount of money by having your brand on the products…..this leads to a greater opportunity for higher profit.