Custom Sauce Packaging

Private Label Restaurants co-packaging capabilities provide great and affordable offerings for expanding existing brands, or launching new brands and offering a wide variety of flavors to customers.

We co-package products to your required specifications. We offer custom formulation, private labeling options, with a knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff.

We utilize confidentiality agreements, securely protecting your ingredient lists. We quote you the estimated costs, establish a time frame for production, and create a service contract with you. We produce your formulas, and can procure commercially available ingredients. We provide preliminary price quotes. Below are a few asked questions from our customers.


Yes we are registered and current with both of these agencies.

WHAT TYPE OF LABELS ARE USED BY Private Label Restaurants.?

The labels we supply are quality labels with a variety to choose from. We offer an extensive line of labels from 4-color processed digital print labels, matte finish labels, QLS standard printing labels, and more!


We respect your concern for your trade secrets and proprietary blends and we will either sign your NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) agreement or provide you with one that we have.


Please plan ahead and allow 2 weeks for us to complete your first sample


Please fill out a co-packing form, below. This form will help us understand the specific details of your gourmet spice blend or sauce. When the form is complete it can be faxed (386-428-9988) or emailed to

Available Sizes - In stock.
  • 5 oz Woozy Bottle
  • 10 oz Woozy Bottle
  • 12 oz BBQ Bottle
  • 1 Gallon Container

We do also offer mixed batches between bottles and gallons.

Steps to get started:
  • Sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the security of your recipe.
  • We will review your recipe and quote the cost for the bottling.
  • Once the cost per unit is agreed upon by customer, we will start the process of your samples
  • You will receive your first set of samples within 14 business days
  • After approval of samples, your sauce is ready to be produced and bottled!